The Best 7 Tips For Choosing A Large Spice Rack


large spice rack

Kitchen large spice rack with what material is better, X-cosrack furniture to answer your questions:

1, tempered glass material

Stylish and simple, easy to clean, but because it is a glass product, anti-collision and anti-bump poor, avoid strong collision when using, the overall cost performance is good.

2, plastic material

Plastic material has the advantages of rust and corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, anti-aging and light weight, but poor solidity, easy to deformation is its undeniable shortcomings. The key is the affordable price, the pursuit of practicality of friends more recommended.

3, stainless steel and carbon steel materials

Structural components are intact and solid, corrosion resistance, but not resistant to oil and dirt, cleaning is more difficult. It is recommended to choose wall-mounted spice rack, not only can use the space, stainless steel metal texture can increase the senior sense of this kitchen.

4, aluminum alloy material

By two or more metal or non-metal combination, the current market space aluminum material is very popular, compared to ordinary aluminum products, it is more lightweight, rust-resistant, and not easy to stay watermark, the price is also relatively affordable. In addition, aluminum spice rack with the same color cabinet, the decorative effect will be very good.

5, copper chrome material

We know that the more layers of plating means the better workmanship, 6 to 8 layers of chrome material surface smooth, not easy to rust and peel; 2 to 3 layers of chrome plating products over time will gradually dull, and water stains difficult to wipe away, and easy to oxidation, the more graphic metaphor is like a pockmark, and the surface layer is easy to fall off.
So it is recommended that users choose stainless steel and carbon steel material spice rack is better, durable and sturdy.

The shape of kitchen spice rack usually has three kinds of plate, hanging and desktop:

Considering the limited space in the kitchen, most people still choose to use the hanging kitchen spice rack to the wall. However, not all, each kind of kitchen shelves should be placed in order to housewives to use the principle of smooth.
For example: the soup plate draining rack can be placed on the board, placed at the sink, So as to wash at any time, while the spice rack should be as close to the frying pan the better. Knife rack should be given a corner dedicated to it, so as not to hurt themselves when they are busy.

How to buy a good kitchen large spice rack?

1. look at the material

The material of the spice rack determines its waterproof, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof performance.

2, look at the load-bearing capacity

We have to consider its weight when buying and selling, especially important for wall-mounted spice rack.

3, look at the capacity

Selection of kitchen spice rack according to the number of people in the family to choose.

4, look at the depth

This is a more detailed, but more practical shopping skills.

5, look at the non-slip feet

Non-slip feet for the floor spice rack is really too important.

6, see whether the disassembly is convenient

If you want to buy a multifunctional kitchen spice rack, then you have to consider whether it is easy to disassemble?

7, look at your needs for kitchen spice rack

The shelves for spices need to be selected according to our needs.

How to build a pice rack?

Home users who like to do things themselves are also happy to make their own furniture, you can experience the joy of satisfaction in the process of making, but it is recommended that you can directly buy the finished large spice rack, not only can save time, but also the business is made of the highest quality materials, beautiful and durable. X-cosrack cost-effective kitchen spice rack recommendation:

2-Tier Lazy Susan Spice Rack

1. 2-Tier Lazy Susan Spice Rack

3-Tier Countertop Spice Rack

2. 3-Tier Countertop Spice Rack

3-Tier Stackable Spice Rack

3. 3-Tier Stackable Spice Rack

4-Tier Black Spice Rack Wall Mounted

4. 4-Tier Black Spice Rack Wall Mounted


5-Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack

 5. 5-Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack

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