What Spices Are In A Spice Rack?

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What spice items can be placed in the spice rack:

Whether it is home-cooked food or restaurant food, are inseparable from the condiments. There are many varieties of spices to increase the color and flavor of dishes, can remove the fishy odor of the main cooking ingredients, highlight the taste of the dish, change the appearance of the shape of the dish, increase the color of the dish, and to promote people's appetite, sterilization, and promote digestion. So, what are the seasonings often put in the spice rack?

What spices are in a spice rack

What spices can be placed in the spice rack:

1. Coarse sea salt and grinder - (Himalayan salt is recommended, but regular sea salt is fine). It is not recommended to use table salt, use a grinder to grind your own sea salt, it will taste much better.
2. Complete pepper and grinder - same for pepper. Don't settle for pre-ground black pepper. Be kind to yourself and buy a grinder.
3. Garlic powder
4. Cinnamon powder
5. Onion powder
6. Chili powder
7. Cumin powder
8. Nutmeg powder
9. Dried oregano
10. Red pepper, smoked or sweet (I always use the smoked kind)
11. Red pepper flakes
12. Dried scallop leaves
13. Cayenne pepper (if you like spicy food)

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