How To Choose Wire Spice Rack

How to choose wire spice rack? We usually use a lot of spices when cooking, but the kitchen space is limited, then we need a spice rack, then how to choose this wire spice rack?X-cosrack to share their experience for your reference.

1. Choose the material
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack

There are various materials of spice rack on the market, I recommend choosing stainless steel material, with a long time, and easy to clean. Stainless steel is also divided into several types, it is recommended to choose 304 stainless steel, durable, food-grade health.

2. Choose the shape
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack
Look at the size of the kitchen counter, kitchen counter if large, you can choose rectangular, looks atmospheric; if the counter is small, you can choose the triangular, placed in the corner next to the stove, so as not to take up space.

3. Select the number of layers
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack
The number of layers to choose depends on the height of the counter to the hanging cabinet, and then choose the right number of layers, the height of the counter to the hanging cabinet to be more than the overall height of the spice rack about 10 cm more appropriate, or the highest layer is not good to put spices.

4. Select the layer height
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack
In addition to choose the number of layers, but also choose the layer height, generally the bottom layer of the spice rack is the highest, choose the layer height is mainly to see this layer, this layer will put some high bottles, more oil bottles, vinegar bottles, etc., must be measured and then choose.

5. Choose the width
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack
For the triangle spice rack selection width is very important, because some houses are near the corner of the window, the width will not be very wide, must be measured, if the width of the spice rack more than the very impact on the beauty. Generally choose 1-4CM distance from the edge.

6. Select the length
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack
In addition to the width, the length is also very important, choose short can not put a lot of spices, choose long will take up too much space, or simply can not put, before buying to put the length of the spice rack place should also be measured.

7. Other additional
How To Choose Wire Spice Rack

In addition to the above, the purchase should also be considered with or without knife rack, with or without chopsticks, with or without cutting board rack, whether there are these at home, after the additional location of these enough to put, these are to be considered.

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