Metal Wall Spice Rack Is The Best Spice Jar Container.


What is the best spice jar container?

Bottles and jars placed too messy, so the metal wall spice rack, not only neatly placed, the most important thing is to use also smooth kitchen goodies recommended.

Metal wall spice rack, this kind of shelf is very solid, because there are too many spices, put the spice jar on it can achieve the effect of storage, neat and beautiful will not be messy. You can put a lot of spice bottles, easy to pick up when you use, very good load-bearing, simple assembly, fine workmanship, very durable stainless steel, put a lot of things are still very stable, things are cleaned up at once, looks very classy beautiful and neat!

Tip: To quickly find and change spice varieties, use a small paper label to identify your spice jar and place it on the spice rack with the spices.

metal wall spice rack

Where to hang the metal wall spice rack?

You should mount your spice rack on the kitchen wall near the prep area to make it easier to reach your spices. To prevent straining when putting items back in, you should hang your metal wall spice rack in a place that is proportional to your height. You can use your spice rack outside by hanging it on the grill and letting it hang from the bottom so that you can easily access each spice jar as you grill.

A spice rack wall mount made of stainless steel is a great piece of furniture to use for almost any kitchen. In addition, if well maintained and cared for, spice racks can last a long time and are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also space saving.

How to choose a kitchen spice rack?


Kitchen seasoning rack long time contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances, generally speaking, the use of 304 stainless steel material is better, can prevent rust, and a certain degree of acid resistance (to avoid vinegar accidentally dripping on the corrosion of the shelf), alkali resistance. In the cleaning is more convenient, wipe with a soft cloth on the line, life is also long.


Selection of kitchen seasoning rack should be based on the number and size of bottles and jars in their own kitchens to choose, the size of the spice rack and the population is closer to the point. For the case of a large population at home, it is recommended to choose a large capacity, longer and wider spice rack. Less population, the use of supplies are not much, you can choose a small capacity, so as not to occupy too much space position.

3、Easy to disassemble

Selection of the time to consider whether the disassembly is convenient, because sometimes it is inevitable that you need to change the location of the time. In the kitchen, there are a variety of different tableware, such as: chopsticks, cups, plates, bowls, they will use different accessories. If you can disassemble at will, and in the installation is also convenient, you can meet our different needs.


There are many spices used in the kitchen, some are chosen to hang on the wall, some can be placed on the countertop, taking into account the space saving, your advice is to choose a metal wall spice rack that can be hung up, is more appropriate.

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