About X-cosrack

X-cosrack is a home furnishing company that specializes in selling furniture products to the United States and prides itself on improving good craftsmanship to meet the needs of its customers and save space in their rooms. For a long time, X-cosrack has been providing quality furniture solutions to businesses or users in the United States and around the world, selling authentic, safe, beautiful, rustic and elegant home furnishings, with professional product researchers conducting in-depth market research, receiving feedback from users and developing furniture products that satisfy them.
X-cosrack is always learning and growing so as to be able to develop sustainably in the long run. During this decade of sedimentation, we have continuously invested in staff training and skill enhancement, and have a strong sales team and after-sales service team. Our goal is to help our customers maximize the aesthetics and convenience of their homes.
X-cosrack corporate culture.
1. Communication: 80% of management problems and conflicts originate from the lack of good communication.
2. Learning and sharing. Learning is the most important ability in a person's life, while sharing is a kind of happiness and progress.
3. Reflection: A person who does not and will not reflect has no future.
4. 4. Execution. Without execution there is no team, there is no success.
5. rationality: people with rational thinking are more likely to succeed
6. Independence: independent thinking and analysis, independent problem solving is a sign to judge whether a person is mature.
7. 7. responsibility and commitment: people without responsibility and commitment are not worthy of trust and promotion
8. 8. pain and pleasure: pain and pleasure is one of the most real and lasting pleasures
9. Gratitude: Gratitude is the basic cultivation of being a human being, a good mindset, and a wisdom for success.

Our furniture products.
X-cosrack's website or Amazon store offers a variety of styles and rustic home storage products to enhance the beauty and style of your outdoor garden, room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and to find the right furniture for you and find the perfect furniture to match your taste!