Wine Rack Furniture Is So Important

Wine rack furniture is so important. Due to the improvement of living standards, now wine is also a drink that many people like to drink very much. Generally we will be at home wine rack furniture collection of several bottles of red wine, or even more, but we store red wine why tilt horizontal put it, more inverted put, is it really worthless to put vertically? Fortunately know in time.

First, why is red wine tilted storage?

wine rakck furniture
As we all know, red wine is brewed from grapes, a low number of fruit wine, alcohol content is relatively low, in the preservation of storage is required for oxidation and maturation to achieve a better taste, which is the reason we are red wine are sealed with oak plugs, and this oak plugs is the main reason it must be placed horizontally. Across not only helps the wine dregs of the sediment, but also allows the cork and the full contact with the wine, the use of the cork to wet the cork and achieve the expansion of the state, the cork in the expansion of the wine and the outside world after the elimination of a lot of contact. Through the cork pore, you can let a very small amount of outside air, slowly into the bottle, which will help the wine mature, so that the taste is more layered, better flavor.

Second, what are the possible consequences of putting red wine vertically?

Red wine vertical

Putting red wine vertically will lead to dry cork, over time, it and the gap between the bottle quality control will become larger, so it is easier to let the outside air into too much, but will make the wine over-oxidation, affecting the taste and quality, it will make the wine drop, cork is too dry, it will become more brittle, easy to fracture, when opening the bottle, easy to half broken in it. So it is very necessary to buy a wine rack, not only can improve the quality of wine, but also decorate your home, isn't it two birds with one stone?

Third, how to choose the right wine rack?

Mainly consider wine rack furniture placement and wine bottle size these two points. Simply put, if the wine rack is placed in a larger space, in order to coordinate and beautiful, it is recommended to choose a larger wine rack. On the contrary, the placement of wine rack space is small, you can only buy relatively small wine rack; there is also the size of the wine bottle specifications are relatively uniform.

Fourth, the wine rack to find which to buy to be reliable?

The online store has home racks in any material you want; just email us for more details on wine rack furniture availability and pricing. We handcraft your wine racks! These wine racks are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, storage rooms and more. The final product may include labor/materials from the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Europe, Mexico. If there is a product problem with any of your X-cosrack purchases, please technically email or call us and a satisfactory answer will be given to you within 24 hours.

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A variety of wine racks are available for purchase, as follows:

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Wood Bar Cart with Wine Rack

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Freestanding Wine Rack

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