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Wine is loved and enjoyed by many people around the world. There are several types of wines that vary in date, flavor and smell.

Many types of wine are best enjoyed when they have been recently purchased or released and cannot be stored for long periods of time.

However, if you would like to store wine at home or in a restaurant, you can use our 30 bottle wine rack and should check the shelf life or date of production of the wine.

Using our Wine Rack, Bar Cart and Rustic, you can easily store your favorite wines with a few tricks, and today we'll discuss some common storage methods.
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6 tips for storing your favorite wines

Below are mentioned some common and well-known tips that you can use to store your favorite wines.

1. Maintain the temperature

The most essential factor you should be aware of and determine is to maintain the temperature at which you keep your wine.

Temperatures that are too cold or too hot can damage your favorite wines and are not worth drinking. Make sure to keep the temperature between 45-65 degrees.

If the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, then your wine may spoil and be damaged. 2.

2. Do not freeze your wine.

When you keep your wine warm, be careful not to chill it, which means do not freeze your wine.

Many people may think that wine is best served chilled, but this is not the case. It helps if you are careful when putting your aged wine in the refrigerator.

Freezing your wine can ruin and alter the original flavor, and many people will not like it, including yourself.

3.Keep wine out of the light.

When you store your favorite wine, be certain to store it somewhere there is no light, especially sunlight.

The sunlight contains the harmful ultra-violet rays that can result in the premature aging of your wine.

In order to store, you can use our 8 Bottles Rustic Wine Rack that can be placed anywhere. It is movable, and if sunlight approaches, you can easily remove this rack from that place.

4.Do not shake your wine bottles.

To store your wine, do not shake your wine bottles. Shaking of wine can distort the taste and smell of the wine.

In order to place your wine to avoid shaking, you can use our Bar Cart with Wine Rack. This helps in keeping the wine bottles intact and safe

5.Set the wine aside.

It is important to keep your wine bottles in the side position. To do this, you can use our 6-bottle Rustic Wine Rack. This rustic wine rack will keep the wine efficient and fresh. 6.

6. Avoid humidity

When storing your favorite wine, make sure the bottles are kept away from too much humidity. Humidity will cause your wine to deteriorate and it will taste worse too.

The above tips are the perfect way to store your favorite wines using our wine racks, bar carts, and rustic wine racks.

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