Room Side Table Selection Techniques And Design Styles.


Living room without highlights? When making a choice of living room furniture, many people will overlook the choice of side table. In fact, the side table can not only be used as a handy storage place, but also can make the sofa look less monotonous. So what do you know about room side table and how to buy it? X-cosrack today and you take a look.

What are the purchasing techniques for narrow side table:


The size of the modern sofa side table is very careful, in general, the height of the sofa side table can not exceed the modern sofa, otherwise there will be a little bit of noise to take over the feeling. The height of the modern sofa side table size is two-thirds of the height of the modern sofa can be, but there are modern sofa side table height and modern sofa is equal to the height of the sofa, so it is also possible, but also more conducive to people to put items.

2、Color matching

Modern side table color needs to resonate with the living room sofa, can not be designed alone. In the color, the color of the modern sofa side table should be consistent with the modern sofa or reflect each other, that is, in the color can not be too far apart, for example, the sofa is red, and the modern sofa side table can not be green.


The shape of the corner side table should be matched with the sofa. Can choose hollow design, you can also choose the full solid design, you can choose a layer of design, you can also choose two layers of design. But mainly in the shape to be rich in design, or fashion, or retro, and the overall style of the living room with.

What is the design style of the end table:

1、European style

European style side table has a unique exquisite carving, knife delicate, presenting a three-dimensional visual impact, ivory elegant introverted charm, warm and soft color, clear and beautiful outline, rich in noble and elegant atmosphere. Drawer shape, reasonable distribution space, humanized design, can well meet the enjoyment of life storage and beauty.

2、French style

French style side table is mostly round side table, using Western modern techniques, the lines are very soft, with the medieval royal dignity. French style side table design is elegant, simple and generous, is a gorgeous with a sense of the times, is a small side table with a unique high quality.

3、Country style

Rustic country style side table elegant retro design style gives more romance to life, it is soft and rounded lines, elegant colors, reflecting the flavor of the American countryside, thick and intuitive image shows a calm and unhurried, extremely textured attitude to life. The tabletop is thick, hard texture, texture is clearly visible, beautiful, beautiful and practical.

4、Classical industrial style

Classical industrial side table is a typical gorgeous style, with the same style of sofa, TV cabinet, can make the space of the noble sense of dramatically increased, so that the living room appears more noble and elegant. American classical style side table is very exquisite workmanship, full of rich artistic atmosphere.

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