How To Make A Wooden Floor Wine Rack?


How to make your own wooden wine rack?

Let's first understand what kinds of wood used in wooden floor wine rack, generally speaking, oak is used more, like American red oak such in foreign countries are specifically used to do beer barrels. The following four materials can refer to the following.

wooden floor wine rack
1, oak: oak has a distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, solid texture, very good toughness, is also the first choice for red wine bottle stopper; red wine in storage from the contact with oak in the effective absorption of "tannic acid", can accelerate the maturation of wine, so oak is the preferred choice of wood when making wine barrels.
2, beech wood: beech wood material heavy, strong, impact resistance, good nail performance, clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft tone, smooth.
3, teak: teak is rich in iron and oil, is a variety of wood in dry shrinkage and wet expansion of the smallest deformation, wood size stability, wear resistance, natural mellow, with moisture, corrosion, insects, acid and alkali characteristics.
4, rosewood: rosewood class classified as rosewood, many businesses will be called "purple genus rosewood". Rosewood wood is divided into seven species, such as "Cambodia rosewood, Andaman rosewood, hedgehog rosewood, Indian rosewood, big fruit rosewood, sac rosewood, aconite rosewood".

How to make a wooden floor wine rack?

Step 1: Consider your needs

There are many types of wine racks, to floor wine racks, hanging wine racks, countertop wine racks, etc. Also consider how many bottles of wine you usually want to store, if it is going to store more and more coming wine, then the size of the wooden wine rack is also relatively larger.

Step 2: Take measurements

Before you start making money with your hands, you should first consider the height, width and length of the wooden floor wine rack. It is important to understand the size of the space in your storage room so that you can clearly know how much wood you need to buy in order not to cause a waste of wood. If this is your first attempt at making one, it is recommended that you can start with a simple wine rack, and later, when you have enough experience, you can make a larger wine rack.

Step 3: Cut the material

Before using any cutting tools for the first time, read all instructions and safety manuals carefully, and always wear goggles and a safety helmet. Once you have all the materials ready, carefully measure the material for the correct size for each cut. To build a safe wooden floor wine rack, you need panels that can be locked together. The easiest way to do this is to use spacers cut or serrated into the wood. This will allow the spacers to fit snugly into each column of the wood wine rack.

Step 4: Sanding the wood wine rack components

After each piece is cut, you can sand all the rough parts of the wooden floor wine rack one by one to prevent scratches or torn wine bottle labels. In addition, sanding is better for visual appeal and shows the natural color and grain of the wood.

Step 5: Stain or paint the wine rack

Before staining or painting the parts of the finished wooden floor wine rack, you can add color according to the overall decor of the room. If you want the finish of your wood wine rack to match the finishes of your home, it is recommended to be more diverse in your color selection.

Step 6: Assemble your wooden wine rack

Finally, after all the parts are painted, you can assemble your wooden floor wine rack. you can use hammer, nail, screwdriver, screw to tighten the assembly, or use nail gun if you want to save effort, depending on your own usage habits. Be sure to wear protective equipment to avoid injury.

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