Diy Plant Pot Shelf, Which Type Do You Like?


Diy Plant Pot Shelf, Which Type Do You Like?

At home plants can not all be placed directly on the ground, especially in the north with floor heating friends, plants can not directly touch the floor heating, the best way is to build a stand, so that the plants will also look more beautiful, but also appropriate to save space, it will also look elegant and fresh.

1. Cement stand

Cement stand

These plant stands above are made by yourself, here copper pipes and cement boards are used, with concrete with a plastic bucket, you can make a round platform, after that the copper pipes will be inserted in the concrete, after that when the concrete is dry it can become a plant stand, but you should pay attention to keep the four copper pipes of the same length, and you can take out the plastic bucket after the concrete is solidified.

2. Tilt ladder plant stand

Tilt ladder plant stand

A very chic plant stand is used here, directly in the kitchen. The tilted ladder can be used to place different potted plants, with some white ceramic pots, the maintenance of some herb plants, looks extra fresh, planted plants include thyme, rosemary, basil and mint plants.

3. Modern plant stand
Modern plant stand
This simple wooden bracket, with a white ceramic pot, it looks particularly fresh and beautiful, the cultivation of plants is the colorful pavilion, simple decorative mutual benefit looks fresh, but also a little retro feeling, their own DIY will also be relatively easy, of course, there are also such shelves on the market to buy.

4. Hanging pot planter
Hanging pot planter
In the plant directly arranged on top of a shelf, which is an iron bracket, on top of the bracket with some round brackets, potted plants can be placed directly on it, with black pots, it will look fresh, here with the plants are hanging orchids, tiger lilies, ornamental bamboo taro and water-logged bromeliads.

5. Outdoor iron bracket
Outdoor iron bracket
The above planter is suitable for outdoor arrangement, it can well improve the arrangement of plants, make the whole space become more fresh and natural, but also can well save space, on the balcony arrangement is very suitable, or placed at the porch.

6. Basket plant stand
Basket plant stand
Here is a bracket made of some used baskets, iron shelves with two triangular pillars, into a simple plant bracket, here choose some red pottery pots, cultivated plants are hanging growth of pigweed, can often spray water, raised in the balcony side is a good choice, there is a retro feeling.

7. Triangle plant stand
Triangle plant stand
If you are looking for a larger plant stand, want to plant more potted plants, then this stand is very suitable for you, make a triangular stand, its stability is very good, each layer can be placed on the plant, you can also put the bracket pot, if you go out for a long time, you can put a little water on it, so that the plant slowly absorb water.

8. DIY hanging plants

DIY hanging plants

Making this kind of hanging plants is very simple, you can directly use some colored ropes to make, you can string several colored ropes together, you can put the pot directly into it, you can choose your favorite color, you can also use the rope tailor-made, used to place different pots, the ornamental effect is also different.

9. DIY mini copper bracket
DIY mini copper bracket
It is more difficult to arrange plant stands on the desktop, because most of the plant stands are relatively large, if you want to put some small potted plants on the desktop, it is best to DIY a small stand by yourself, you can directly use copper pipes or small water pipes to make, with small succulent potted plants, look extra fresh.

10. Layered plant planter
Layered plant planter
This planter design is particularly simple, very suitable with modern home, this simple DIY planter is very suitable for arrangement in the living room or balcony, it will not occupy much space, but the practicality is very good, the plant's bracket can just limit the soil exposed, the metal material will look stable.


11. DIY copper pipe bracket
DIY copper pipe bracket
This potted plant does not look very fresh, in fact, it is a simple pot and bracket with out, using a red ceramic pot, after spraying white paint, choose the copper pipe bracket, after the white potted turtleback bamboo placed on it, it looks particularly charming.

12. Table plant stand
Table plant stand
Plants make a room look fresher and more relaxed, and the green view balances the house decor. This plant stand idea is suitable for a fairly spacious room or outdoor space, such as a porch or front door.

Suitable for use with at least six medium-sized potted plants, this DIY plant stand is made of durable wood.

13. Diy Plant Pot Shelf
Diy Plant Pot Shelf
This is a very modern plant stand for outdoor space, you can place it at the porch or in the living room, you can put potted plants on it, you can place at least four medium-sized frontal potted plants, black painted plant stand with gray or wood floor are good choices.

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