Computer Table With Bookshelf Shopping Guide


Computer Table With Bookshelf how to buy?

As you know, the present era is the era of the Internet, with the loading of various Internet programs, people can not live and work without computers. Office and home computers have become one of the most important and indispensable appliances for office workers, students and game gods, and more and more people like to put bookshelf on their computer desks for easy access to items and decoration. Today X-cosrack share with you the experience, what are the effects of computer table with bookshelf and computer table with bookshelf shopping tips.

 computer table with bookshelf

Computer table with bookshelf purchase to pay attention to what?

 1. Pay attention to the style with:

Before deciding to buy bookshelf, pay attention to is the overall furniture decoration style has been, in the visual to have a unified drink blood visual experience, does not affect the overall aesthetic, so be sure to take the style and style into account.


2. Pay attention to the quality:

We will put a variety of books and items on the shelves, if the quality of wood or metal is not strong and sturdy, the bearing capacity is not possible, it will happen that the items fall off. Also check carefully, whether the brush paint is flat and raw, there are no small particles of unevenness. Another thing is that the painting process that is harmful to our health must not be purchased.


3. Pay attention to the size:

Bookshelves have a variety of shapes, but also different sizes, it is recommended to buy according to the size of the computer desk, the reasonable use of space, the right size is the most important.


4. Pay attention to the three dimensions:

Pay attention to the depth, thickness, height and size, so that it is easier to pick up, its depth should be moderate, not the deeper the better, shallow rather than easier to pick up, so that the pressure is more moderate, conducive to book placement.


What are the effects of Computer table with bookshelf?

Effect 1. simple modern computer table with bookshelf:

Computer Desk Bookshelf

X-cosrack sales Computer Desk Bookshelf, price $75.99

The simple trapezoidal design of the computer desk bookshelf can be a stylish design in the study, many students like to use it. Strong load-bearing capacity, you can store books, documents, office supplies, display calendars, photos, decorations, etc. in your own computer desk, 2 layers of bookshelves, can meet the daily storage needs, high-quality carbon steel and medium density fiberboard combination, the overall look of the atmosphere and fashion. In terms of practicality, it is fully functional and one piece is multi-purpose. No matter what decoration style your home is, you can combine with this modern computer desk bookshelf.


Effect 2. free combination of computer table with bookshelf:

Small Desktop Bookshelf
X-cosrack sales Small Desktop Bookshelf, price $39.99

The computer desk bookshelf is designed without lock, so users with ideas can combine it from any angle or direction they need. Simple and durable, not less practical, thick wood assembly to ensure the stability of the frame, very small, sophisticated and stylish, many DIY enthusiasts like to use it. Such a free combination of computer desk bookshelf, in terms of price is certainly much cheaper than you buy a desk and bookcase alone, in saving space is also very outstanding. Powerful storage capacity, multi-layer partition partition clear. The design with drawers can also prevent the entry of the ash layer. Super storage and storage capacity, you can place as you like to collectibles and books, so that life becomes exquisite.

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